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A history of dependability

  • 1859

    Henry Hyde leaves the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York to start his own firm, then known as Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. In its tenth year, Equitable writes more new business than any other company in the world.

  • 1870

    The company's new headquarters is the first office building with steam elevators, paving the way for future skyscrapers. By 1879, it will expand to be the tallest office building in the world at that time.

  • 1881

    Equitable market the first joint and survivor annuity and pioneers the practice of paying death claims immediately. Miss Ray Wilner appointed Equitable's first woman agency manager.

  • 1927

    Equitable supported the American College in launching the CLU professional designation program. Equitable started new agent training classes in 1902.

  • 1970

    Equitable introduces its first line of individual variable annuity products and in 1976 pioneers variable life insurance, an investment-oriented policy that commands significant market share.

  • 1992

    With a $1 billion investment from the AXA Group, Equitable completes the largest-ever conversion from a mutual to a stock company at that time and soon becomes a member of the Global AXA Group.

  • 2017

    AXA celebrates its ninth consecutive year as the #1 insurance brand in the world as measured by the Interbrand annual report.

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