AXA culture

At AXA, our employees are our greatest asset. Together we seek to foster a diverse and inclusive culture where our thoughts and ideas are valued, respected and appreciated. We offer a number of ways for you to build and strengthen relationships, network, and socialize with your colleagues. These include volunteer activities, professional organizations and employee interest groups.

Employee Resource Groups

AXA also brings employees together through a diverse community of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). With more than 1500 members, our ERGs organize nearly 50 cultural events each year that allow employees and community members to work together. The events give you an opportunity for personal development while supporting the three pillars of our diversity and inclusion strategy: talent, culture and marketplace. ERGs serve as a central link between workplace culture and business results as well as a vehicle for community partnership and volunteerism through the AXA Foundation.

Work-life balance

It makes sense for each individual to determine the best way to be productive and fulfilled by life in and out of the workplace. At AXA, you’ll have access to opportunities for formal and informal workplace flexibility options, including a combination of flextime, time off and telecommuting. These programs can help you manage your professional life to be productive in ways that best enhance your experience working for AXA.

AXA job opportunities

Diversity and inclusion

Talented people from all backgrounds choose to build a career at AXA. Why? Because we believe the characteristics that make people unique are essential to our goals of growing the business and serving our clients.

Everyone wants to be recognized. Just as our business is based on building relationships and addressing the needs of our customers, we appreciate the importance of an inclusive environment. Diversity of culture, thought, style, skills and perspectives ensures that each and every person at AXA is a valued member of the team.

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Giving back

The AXA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of AXA, directing the company's philanthropic and volunteer activities and working to improve the quality of life in communities across the country where AXA has a presence. 

Learn about AXA Foundation’s programs like AXA Day of Service and AXA Matching Gifts


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