Advanced fee recruiter/employment scam

AXA has received multiple reports of people being approached through email by unknown individuals/fraudsters representing themselves as employment recruiters for AXA. The fraudsters’ ultimate goal is to obtain personally identifiable information and money from the contacted “victims.” 

The process has been known to normally follow these steps:

  • The people/victims being contacted are currently seeking employment and have posted their resumes on multiple online job search websites.
  • The fraudsters try to establish an interview with the victim using text messaging, an instant messaging service such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangout, Skype, or similar communication method.  AXA does not currently communicate with candidates via these services.   
  • The fraudster may use a current AXA associate’s name in an effort to perpetrate this fraud, and has impersonated others by using their photos as his/her own.
  • The fraudster solicits personally identifiable information, via documents sent by FedEx for that purpose.  The victim is directed to email the completed documents back to the fraudster.
  • The fraudster next advises the victim that they have been hired and sends a bogus check to the victim’s home address via FedEx for immediate deposit to their personal bank account.  The check is purportedly for the purchase of office equipment such as computers and office furniture from a “preferred” vendor. 
  • The victim is directed to immediately transfer funds to the “preferred” vendor using Western Union or MoneyGram, for the purchase of the equipment.  The fraudster intends to receive the wired funds from the victim before the bogus check is returned by the victim’s bank, which would alert the victim of the scam. 

By making you aware of this, we hope to keep you from being victimized, and ultimately to stop these schemes from being perpetrated against others.

If you ever receive something suspicious that utilizes the AXA name, please contact us at or at (212) 314-6600.

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