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  • December 11, 2012

    Thomas Hart Benton Masterpiece goes to Met

    Eight decades later, “America Today,” now considered one of the most important and famous examples of American scene painting, is languishing in storage. That will change, however, because AXA Equitable, the insurance company that bought it nearly 30 years ago, has decided to donate it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • September 22, 1995

    Inside Art

    Till Death Do Us Part: Some works of art are so important to a corporation's image that no matter what the circumstance, the art and the company stay together. In Manhattan, at the Equitable Life Assurance Society of America, that means moving Thomas Hart Benton's 10-panel mural, "America Today," one block east from the Equitable Tower at 787 Seventh Avenue to its new location, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, between 51st and 52d Streets.

  • March 26, 1988

    New School Finds way to save Orozco Mural

    Jose Clemente Orozco's spectacular five-wall fresco depicting the turbulent social, scientific and political upheavals of the early 20th century has narrowly been saved from destruction or possible removal from its home at the New School for Social Research by a joint effort of the Mayor's office and the Equitable Life Assurance Society.

  • September 21, 1984

    Equitable Life Will Mix Art and Commerce

    Public art in the form of an unusually extensive combination of museum shows, sculptures and monumental murals will become the theme of the Equitable Life Assurance Society's new headquarters on Seventh Avenue, company officials said yesterday.

  • February 14, 1984

    Equitable Purchases Benton Mural 'America Today' Keeping it in the City

    The 10 panels that made Thomas Hart Benton one of the best known American muralists have been bought for a reported $3.1 million by the Equitable Life Assurance Society for its new headquarters in Manhattan.

  • January 17, 1983

    Benton Mural May be Split Up

    An important mural by Thomas Hart Benton, the American painter, which was sold last May for a figure reported at $2 million on condition that the buyer would make ''every effort'' to keep the 10 panels together and in the United States, may now be broken up and sold abroad.

  • May 09, 1982

    New School Sells 'Pioneering' Benton Mural

    The work that established Thomas Hart Benton's national reputation as a muralist - a four-wall panorama of American life that he painted for the New School for Social Research in 1931 - has been sold by the school. The 10 panels that compose the work were removed Friday.

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