Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility [CR]—the business contribution to sustainable economic growth, the interests of society and the protection of the environment—is at the heart of our business. 

AXA's purpose is simple: to help provide financial security for our clients and their families—taking the long view, considering the impact of today’s actions on tomorrow’s results, is what we do every day.

AXA's CR strategy rests on six pillars

  • Responsibility in our workplace

  • Responsibility in supplier selection and relations

  • Responsibility in customer relations and in our products
  • Responsibility for our environmental footprint
  • Responsibility in our governance model
  • Responsibility to civil society

A global commitment

Our strong support for CR is a commitment we share with AXA Group and our colleagues in AXA subsidiaries around the world.  It's not a passive slogan; it’s Corporate Responsibility in Action.  We invite you to read more about CR throughout AXA Group.

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