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Mark Pearson

Diversity and inclusion are important considerations in every facet of business. From the composition of a workforce, to the types of products offered to clients, companies understand the value of embracing and integrating difference.

If an organization is going to be a true ambassador of diversity and inclusion, however, then actions must be more than mandatory training exercises and corporate declarations. Instead, diversity and inclusion must be bold principles – woven within the core of an organization – that both guide business goals and allow employees to bring their whole self to work and achieve their highest potential.

I have embraced these principles throughout my life. As someone who has lived on four continents, I know firsthand the value that different perspectives and experiences bring to an organization and how an inclusive environment fosters true innovation. 

At AXA, all of our people add to our ability to fulfill our commitment to the communities we serve. By offering people financial guidance catered to their specific needs, we help them protect themselves and their loved ones.

Mark Pearson, Chairman and CEO

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AXA celebrates ERGs

At AXA, diversity and inclusion are embedded in our values and in our actions every day. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are comprised of volunteering employees and financial professionals who share an interest in various dimensions of diversity. ERGs provide employees with many development and engagement opportunities, including giving back to local communities through volunteer activities. AXA employees participate in over 80 community projects and volunteer thousands of hours each year through our AXA Hearts in Action program.

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Through its philanthropic arm the AXA Foundation, AXA works to improve the quality of life in communities across the country where the company has a presence. Its signature program,  AXA AchievementSM, awards more than $1.4 million a year in scholarships, making AXA one of the nation's largest corporate providers of scholarships. More than 6,000 students have won AXA AchievementSM Scholarships since the program launched in 2003.

In addition to our efforts around AXA AchievementSM, the AXA Foundation funds nationally recognized organizations that address the needs of diverse communities, including but not limited to: 

  • The Organization for Chinese Americans (OCA)
  • The United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)
  • St. John’s University School of Law – Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development
  • Dress for Success
  • French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF)

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At AXA, our employees are our greatest asset, and we actively promote a diverse and inclusive culture where our thoughts and ideas are valued, respected and appreciated. Diversity at AXA means accepting, understanding, and valuing the many differences among individuals regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, culture and sexual orientation or any other facet of diversity. Our Employees help drive this commitment through our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council and Employee Resource Groups. What’s it like to work for AXA? Take a closer look inside our culture here

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council (DIAC)

The DIAC is made up of 12 individuals in roles with strategic influence and authority. Chaired by AXA CEO Mark Pearson, the DIAC provides a regular feedback loop directly to AXA leadership and gives a voice to all those within the company.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employees who share an interest in a particular dimension of diversity join our Employee Resource Groups—active and dynamic groups that support AXA’s diversity and inclusion strategy.

ERGs provide employees with development and engagement opportunities. Learn more about how ERGs have enriched the lives of employees working at AXA.

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AXA sponsors the following ERGs:

AXA ABLE (Awareness of overcoming Barriers and creating a Lifestyle of Equality)
AXA ABLE fosters awareness of disabilities/special needs within the AXA community by developing a support platform for AXA employees who have disabilities/special needs, or who are caregivers to individuals with disabilities/special needs.

AXA B.L.A.C.C. (Building Leadership & Cultural Connections)
AXA B.L.A.C.C. explores the diverse experiences of individuals of African descent, creating opportunities for colleagues, the company, and the community at large by fostering professional development, spreading cultural awareness and promoting financial literacy.
AXA CARES (Creating Awareness Recognition Encouragement Support of military veterans and their families)
With pride and appreciation, AXA CARES raises awareness and provides support to our military employees, their families, and service men and women throughout the community.
AXA Family 
AXA Family provides information, activities and support to employees and their families around their life events.
AXA Pride (LGBT) 
AXA Pride is composed of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender employees and allies. Their mission is to create and sustain an AXA presence in the LGBT community and to promote equality for all employees.
DPN (Developing Professionals Network) 
DPN members help employees develop their careers by promoting career development opportunities and initiatives; developing networks through engaging new and current employees, and creating a sense of community across AXA.
FR.EN.CH (Francophile Engagement Challenge)
FR.EN.CH. promotes and leverages the engagement of AXA's Francophile community to raise cross-cultural awareness and communication across a multilingual environment.
HERO (Hispanic Employee Resource Organization)
HERO promotes Hispanic cultural awareness through education, empowerment and engagement in the AXA community.
PARC (Pan Asian Resource Council)
PARC is committed to advancing a deeper understanding of Asian culture, enhancing employee engagement and professional development and pursuing external business opportunities in Asian American communities.
WOW (Women's Outreach at Work)
WOW’s goals are to inspire, empower and support women in the pursuit of professional and personal development for career, home, and community.

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