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Computershare Investment Plan for AMERICAN DEPOSITARY SHARES

To Our Shareholders:

We are pleased to offer you a convenient and economical means of increasing your ownership of AXA ADR through a dividend reinvestment plan for American Depositary Shares of AXA.

Should you choose to become a plan participant, the computershare Investment Plan for AXA dividends that you receive on your AXA ADRs can be paid to you in cash or will be used to purchase additional AXA ADRs. The plan also has a supplemental investment feature that enables you to purchase additional AXA ADRs simply by writing a check.

You can take advantage of both options or the reinvestment of dividends alone, without incurring any brokerage charges or having to open a brokerage account. ADRs purchased under the plan are at market prices, and AXA will pay all brokerage commissions and service fees associated with the purchases of the ADRs and administration of the plan.

As an AXA shareholder, you may enroll in the plan at any time. You may send your check for supplemental investments on a commission-free basis at any time after enrolling in the plan.

If you have any questions about the plan, you can:

Call Computershare at (800) 437-8736 (toll-free) or (outside the US) (732) 512-3085.

Or write to:
AXA Dividend Reinvestment Plan
c/o Computershare
PO Box 43076
Providence, RI 02940

Or email your questions to: 

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