Benefits for your clients

Diversification, tax-deferred growth potential, tax-efficient distribution, and a death benefit for your loved ones.

With Investment Edge your clients can:

  • Build a diversified portfolio to capture growth opportunities and to help manage volatility with:
    • 120+ investment strategies including sector and specialty investments from world-class investment managers.
    • Packaged Portfolios designed to meet specific investor goals in an easy, one-step approach to asset allocation.
    • A wide range of low-correlated alternative investments that can provide additional diversification and the opportunity for enhanced risk-adjusted returns.
  • Benefit from tax-deferred growth potential.
  • Improve future income flow with tax-efficient distribution options, including Income Edge that allows investors in non-qualified contracts to:
    • Customize payment period based on personal income needs and time horizon.
    • Take payments that are only partially taxed.
    • Generally receive higher after-tax income compared to equivalent regular withdrawals, assuming positive account performance.
  • Or alternatively customize withdrawals using other systematic withdrawal services, including our Automatic Required Minimum Distribution service, lump sum distributions, or early withdrawals with substantially equal payments that avoid the 10 percent IRS tax penalty.
  • Protect their loved ones with the Protected Premium Death Benefit. The benefit allows your clients to:
    • Pay for the benefit when they need it
    • Cancel the benefit at any time
    • Invest their money any way they want

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