Benefits for you

More time with your clients and a competitive edge

Streamlined portfolio management means you’ll have more time to spend helping your clients. Investment Edge saves you time and paperwork:

  • Complete one application to qualify for broker-transfer authority and a single, consolidated account statement for each client.
  • 120+ investment options, including Packaged Portfolios, under a single, tax-advantaged wrapper to address specific investor objectives and priorities.
  • Easy, customizable automatic distribution, withdrawal and rebalancing programs.
  • Tax-free exchanges, transfers and rebalancing – eliminating incremental fees, complicated tax issues and 1099 Forms.
  • Automated dollar-cost averaging.
  • A tax-efficient distribution option for non-qualified contracts called Income Edge, that utilizes an exclusion amount so that your client can generally receive higher after-tax income, compared to equivalent regular withdrawals, assuming positive account performance.

Investment Edge can help you to stand out from the crowd with your clients and prospects because it brings a unique combination of:

  • Robust investment opportunities from world-class managers – including packaged portfolios and alternative investments.
  • Tax advantages in wealth accumulation and distribution.
  • A straightforward product for you and your clients – in construction, management and distribution.

Income Edge – tax-efficient payment program

Income Edge is an innovative new feature available for no additional fee that allows investors in non-qualified contracts to elect a customized payment program. When elected, Income Edge is designed to pay out the entire account value via scheduled payments over a set period of time and a portion of each payment is a return of your cost basis and thus excludable from taxes. This tax-free amount is calculated by dividing the remaining cost basis by the number of years in the payment period selected and will not change once calculated. Once you begin taking payments, you may not stop or increase your payment although the contract can be fully redeemed for the then current account value net of applicable withdrawal charges. After Income Edge election, withdrawals are fully taxable and those in excess of the annual 10% free withdrawal amount will continue to be subject to a withdrawal charge if they are made during the withdrawal charge period. If the contract owner dies after Income Edge is elected, scheduled payments will continue to the beneficiary and any specified form of death benefit payout that you have selected will be invalidated. The Income Edge payment program does not represent a life contingent annuitization of the Investment Edge contract. With a life contingent annuitization the account value is applied to provide periodic payments for life and the Investment Edgecontract and all its benefits terminate. A combination of adverse investment performance, additional withdrawals, and contract fees may reduce the payout period selected. The amount of payments available through the Income Edge program is re-determined on an annual basis, meaning that the amount of the payment may vary each year of the payout period. There are additional restrictions and limitations including age restrictions and the payout period being limited to specific time periods. Please see the prospectus for more information including Investment Edge fees and charges.

Income Edge is not a guaranteed income benefit. Payments from Income Edge are based on account value and selected duration. A combination of adverse investment performance, additional withdrawals and contract fees may reduce the payout period selected. Income values are not guaranteed. It should be noted that Income Edge is not the only way to take payments that are only partially taxed as this may be accomplished through annuitization of the annuity contract. Unlike a life contingent annuitization, Income Edge allows for a form of annuity payment that is designed to pay out the entire value of the contract via scheduled payments over a set period of time and provides continuous access to the contract’s account value.

Dollar-cost averaging

Investment Edge offers a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) program for no additional charge. The DCA program is elected by application or form with a minimum EQ/Money Market investment of $5,000. The destination Investment Options for the DCA can be different from the allocation instructions on file and clients can choose to make contributions to their Investment Edge contract automatically using dollar cost averaging, factored for 3, 6, or 12 months. The transfer amount will be calculated so that the DCA EQ/Money Market investment option will be depleted by the end of the requested duration. A manual transfer out of the DCA will terminate the program and the general DCA program can be cancelled at any time. There are currently no restrictions or charges on transfers among the Variable Investment Options. However, AXA Equitable reserves the right to charge for any transfers in excess of 12 per contract year or Annual Payout Period.


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