For Clients

Hypothetical Illustrations

    • Hypothetical [Investor] Illustrations:

      Hypothetical Investment Edge account performance and withdrawal illustration tool.


    • Client Brochure:

      An engaging brochure that describes Investment Edge’s unique investment and tax advantages in a way investors can understand.

    • Product Fact Card:

      One-page overview of Investment Edge’s key attributes and offerings.

    • Investment Guide:

      A comprehensive guide to the entire array of more than 120 investment options Investment Edge delivers.

    • Prospectus:

      For more detailed information on Investment Edge.

Educational Videos

    • D is for Diversification

      Learn why portfolio diversification matters and why the traditional ways of doing it may not work to help investors’ reach their goals.

    • Harnessing Growth Opportunities in our New World

      Investors learn how investing beyond our shores and in alternative investments that typically move independently of U.S. stocks and bonds can help provide additional growth potential and fortify risk management strategies.

    • The Often Ignored Impact of Taxes on Growing Wealth

      Highlights the importance of reducing taxes on portfolio earnings in pursuit of long-term financial goals. The premise is simple but powerful, it's not only what you earn that counts in the long run, it's what you keep.

Investment PerspectivesSM

    • Diversifying with non-correlated assets

      Sales Idea for Investment PerspectivesSM on Diversifying with non-correlated assets.

    • Alternatives

      Sales Idea for Investment PerspectivesSM on Opportunities in Alternative Investments.

    • Interest Rates and Inflation

      Sales Idea for Investment PerspectivesSM on Interest Rates and Inflation.

Prospecting Campaigns

    • Client Email:

      Ready-to-send email to help sell Investment Edge

    • Prospect Email:

      Ready-to-send email to help sell Investment Edge

    • Client Direct Mail Letter:

      Letter to help sell Investment Edge

    • Prospect Direct Mail Letter:

      Letter to help sell Investment Edge

For Financial Professionals

Quick Reference Guide

    • Quick Reference Guide (QRG):

      Investment Edge product expertise and sales tips for financial professionals

Investment Edge Applications

    • Investment Edge/Investment Edge Select — ADL

    • Investment Edge/Investment Edge Select — AXA Advisors

    • Investment Edge ADV — AXA Advisors

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