Online account security

AXA addresses client account security following internet vulnerability reports

Independent researchers recently published a report identifying an internet security breach called Heartbleed, which has potentially impacted many companies. Heartbleed is a security flaw found in the web encryption software OpenSSL, which is used by about two thirds of websites on the internet to protect information sent and received by users connecting to it. The bug potentially exposes sensitive information on vulnerable websites.

Like other companies, AXA has been working to review security patches to our web servers worldwide. OpenSSL, the source of the flaw, is not used for login to this website,, and early reports indicate that Heartbleed’s impact is minimal within our organization at large. Be assured that we are taking proper actions to minimize any impact on our systems.

Many expert sources recommend that individuals should change their passwords. This is a wise practice at any time, and a good suggestion now especially for anyone who uses the same password for more than one website.

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