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    If you need additional information, send us your request. 

  • Mailing address

    MONY Life of America
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Mailing address

MONY Life of America
PO Box 4720
Syracuse NY 13221-4720

Please note your policy number on your check and Indicate how your payment should be applied, i.e., to premium, loan principal or loan interest. If you don't indicate how your payment should be applied, we will apply it in accordance with the terms of your policy.

Benefit claims

File a Death Benefit Claim here

International product support

Contact information for international products here

Service Request Forms*

Your policy and contract number can be found on your statement or call your financial professional.

By clicking on one of the choices below, you may print the request form on your computer's printer or you can login or enroll for online account access to perform these transactions online.

Change your address*
Change Allocations for Future Payments
Transfer Funds
Transaction Authorization*

The following service requests cannot be completed online at this time. A written request by the policy owner must be mailed to our administrative office. By clicking on one of the choices below, you may print the request from on your computer's printer. After completing and signing the form, mail it to the address on the form.

Auto Rebalance
Dollar Cost Averaging
Allocate Current Payment
Systematic Payment
Systematic Withdrawal
Claim for Death Benefits
Lost / Destroyed Contract*

*These forms are Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You can download the free Adobe Reader here. Instructions for installation are also found at that location.

When you have completed and signed the form, please return it to the address indicated. You may also request these forms be mailed to you by calling our toll-free number, (800) 487-6669 and speaking to a Customer Service Representative.

If you need additional information, send us your request.

Common Questions

  • What is my total contract value?

    The value of your annuity contract is the sum of the values of each of the investment options in which you are currently invested. The value of each option is determined by the number of units owned for an option multiplied by the most recent business day's price.

    This value would be reduced by any applicable surrender charges, market value adjustments, contract charges, outstanding loan and any loan interest to determine the net amount that would be available to you. You can view your contract values online, via the AXA web site. Login or Register
  • How can I obtain investment information on my Variable Annuity?

    The AXA web site, your online information source for the status and current values of your MONY life and annuity contracts, does provide you with the most recent closing price for all the investment portfolios you have available to you. Login or Register

    You can also access monthly and quarterly annualized rates of return for the portfolios available within most of our variable life and annuity contracts. Choose the Performance Information option from the dropdown box on the right side of the Portfolio Summary page.
  • How can I transfer amounts between investment options in my Variable Annuity?

    If you are the Owner, you may transfer amounts between investment options:

    • Online, through the AXA web site. Login or Register From the Portfolio Summary screen, select "Transfer Funds" from the "Choose an Option" drop down box.
    • By mail or fax, completing a Transfer Request Form. Click here for a printable form.

    If the Owner of the policy is a corporation or a trust, and not an individual, we require the owner's written request for transfer. Complete and return to the address on the form.

  • What is a Beneficiary?

    The beneficiary is the person(s)designated in the contract to receive the death proceeds in the event of the Annuitant/Owner's death.
  • Can I designate my minor child as beneficiary?

    Yes. However, if proceeds become payable to a child during his/her minority, we will pay the court-appointed guardian for the estate of the child. The minor's parent automatically serves as guardian of the minor's person but not his/her estate.

    Alternative suggestion: The contract owner should consider designating a Custodian to receive, manage, invest and distribute the proceeds for the minor under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act. Ex: John Doe as custodian for Bobby Smith, a minor born 3/3/98, under the NY UTMA. When the minor reaches the age of majority, the custodianship terminates and the balance of any funds are distributed to the child.

  • Can I designate a revocable trust as beneficiary?

    Yes, simply indicate the name of the trustee(s), the name of the trust, the date of the trust and the name(s) of the grantors in Section 1 of the Title Change Form. Sample wording: XYZ Bank as trustee or the successor trustee under an agreement known as the John Smith Living Trust dated 01/01/98, made by and between John Smith and said trustee. Click here for a printable form.
  • When is my change of beneficiary effective?

    Any change of beneficiary will take effect as of the date the form was signed, provided it has been accepted and recorded at our Operations Center, subject to any payment made by us or action taken by us before receipt of the request.
  • Can I designate multiple persons as primary beneficiary?

    Yes. Simply indicate the relationship(s) to the Annuitant(s) along with the full names of the proposed beneficiaries. All primary beneficiaries should be listed in Section 1 under First Beneficiary(ies). Joint beneficiaries will receive equal shares proportionate to the number of those beneficiaries who survive.
  • What should I do to change my beneficiary now that I am recently married?

    A Title Change form (10481) should be completed, dated and signed. Click here for a printable form. Indicate the new beneficiaries in Section 1 (be sure to indicate the full name and relationship of each person to the Annuitant). Your change of name can also be indicated on the form in the space directly under the contract number.
  • Must I complete a new change of beneficiary request form to reflect a change in the beneficiary's name due to marriage or divorce?

    No. Simply write to us at:

    MONY Life of America
    P. O. Box 4830
    Syracuse, NY 13221

    Advise us that your beneficiary, Jane Doe, has changed her name to Jane Smith. Provide her new address, if appropriate. We will make note of this information. No forms are necessary. Please be sure to include your contract number(s).

  • Can I use one form to change the beneficiary on all of my MONY policies/contracts?

    Multiple policies may be indicated on each Title Change form (10481). However, separate forms must be used for each Annuitant, except in the case of a Joint-Life contract. Click here for a printable form.
  • What is a Rights holder?

    The person who can exercise rights is the rights holder of the contract. This term is synonymous with Owner, the individual who can exercise all rights under the provisions of the contract.
  • How does a Divorce impact my Beneficiary Designation?

    If you are required to designate an ex-spouse or children as beneficiary(ies) pursuant to a divorce decree or order, then the decree should be submitted to us. We will conform the beneficiary designation to the terms of the decree. If you currently have your ex-spouse listed as beneficiary, then you should either change the beneficiary to reflect your new choice of beneficiary or to reconfirm your desire to designate the ex-spouse despite the divorce. In most states, a divorce does not automatically extinguish the rights of an ex-spouse as beneficiary. Therefore, an Annuitant who inadvertently leaves his/her ex-spouse as beneficiary of record may cause payment of the death benefits to the ex-spouse even though such payment is contrary to his/her intent.
  • How do I file a Death Claim?

    You can start by filing a Death Benefit Claim. You can also contact Claims at (800) 659-1058.
  • What documents are required?

    Documents required when a claim for death benefits is being filed:
    • Original annuity contracts (or "life insurance policies") if available.
    • A certified copy of the death certificate
    • Certificates of appointment (if you are filing as executor, administrator, or in any other fiduciary responsibility)
    • Completed Death Claim forms

    Click here for Death Claim forms.

  • How will I receive the annuity proceeds?

    There may be different ways in which you may receive your annuity proceeds. The best payment method for you depends on the amount of your annuity proceeds and your own financial situation. In some cases, a payment method has been chosen for you by the policyholder (or contract holder). But in many cases, you are eligible to choose one or more methods of payment. Some of these options require a minimum amount. Your Financial Professional can help you determine which option is best for you. Note that death claims are payable only on policies/contracts that are in force at the time of Insured's/Annuitant's death.
  • What should I know about my benefits?

    Our Beneficiary Guide can provide assistance with:
    • Coping with your loss
    • Settling an estate
    • Gathering important papers
    • Understanding your benefits
    • Making sense of tax issues
    • Simplifying financial planning

    Click here for our Beneficiary Guide.

  • How do I replace a contract that has been lost?

    Once you have determined that the contract is lost and not temporarily misplaced, please advise us by completing a Statement of Loss form (3551) and mailing it to the address shown. Click here for a printable form.

    (If someone is holding the contract and refusing to surrender it due to an adverse claim, the contract is not considered lost and you should advise us of the circumstances of the claim.)
  • How can I change the address on my contract?

    To change your address:

  • Where can I mail service requests?

    Mailing address
    MONY Annuity Processing Office
    P.O. Box 4720
    Syracuse, NY 13221

    Express mail
    MONY Annuity Processing Office
    1 MONY Plaza
    Syracuse, NY 13202
  • Where can I mail a payment?

    To ensure that payments are processed as quickly as possible, use the address listed on your premium notice. To make a premium or loan repayment without a billing notice, use the following address:

    MONY Life of America
    P.O. Box 4720
    Syracuse, NY 13221

    Payments can also be made Online through the AXA web site. Login or Register. Click on "Make a Payment" from the "Choose an Option" drop down box."

  • Do I have an option to have contributions automatically withdrawn from my checking account?

    Yes! We offer a convenient MONY-Matic payment method which allows monthly contributions to be automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

    You can do this by completing our MONY-Matic Authorization form. Click here for a printable form.

  • How can I make a contribution on my annuity contract?

    You will be able to make online contributions for Non-qualified and Tax Qualified IRA contracts. You must be enrolled in EQAccess to make a payment online.
    • From EQAccess Portfolio Summary, select "Make A Payment" from the "Choose an Option" dropdown box corresponding to the contract.
    • Enter payment amount
    • Enter banking information
    • Click on Submit Payment

    For policies/contracts that are not available for online payments, please mail your payment to the address shown on your payment coupon for the policy/contract.

  • Can I use my savings account for my online payment or contribution?

    Savings accounts cannot be used for online payments. Only a valid checking account with a valid ABA number from a banking institution can be accepted.
  • Where is my ABA number?

    The ABA number or bank routing number is usually the first 9 digits located on the bottom left of your bank check.
  • Are there any limits to the number of contributions that I can make at one time?

    Please consult with your tax advisor.
  • How long does it take to credit my account?

    If your payment is submitted prior to 4PM ET on a regular business day, your Life Insurance policy or Annuity contract will be credited effective that day. You would be able to see this credited payment online on the following business day.
  • Do I have to save my banking information?

    You have the option to either save your banking information or to just use it for that transaction. Your information is protected with encryption and secure socket layer technology. We recommend you use a browser that supports 128 bit encryption.
  • Can I save different bank accounts for different policies?

    No, you can only save one checking account for all of your policies.
  • Do I get a receipt for my payment?

    Once you have reviewed and submitted your payment, you will be presented with a receipt and a reference number. As stated in the Online Services Payment Agreement, it is your responsibility to print this receipt for your records.
  • Can I cancel my payment?

    You have until 4PM ET on a business day to retrieve and cancel your payment transaction.
  • How do I cancel the online payment service?

    If you have previously saved your banking information, you must delete your bank information. You can do this by:

    • Selecting the "Customer Service Tab"
    • Select "Edit Bank Account" located on the right hand side of the page
    • Delete your banking information
  • How do I change or terminate my checking account?

    You can edit your banking information.
    • Select the "Customer Service" tab
    • Select "Edit Bank Account" located on the right hand side of the page
    • Edit your banking information

    Please note that in some instances, online payments may not be available for a specific policy/contract. Instead, please mail your payment to the address shown on your payment coupon.

  • Where can I mail a contribution?

    To ensure that payments are processed as quickly as possible, use the information listed below:

    IRA and NQ (Non-Qualified)

    Online contribution

    You must be enrolled in EQAccess to make a payment online. From EQAccess Portfolio Summary, select "Make A Payment" from "Choose an Option" dropdown box corresponding to the contract
    • Enter payment amount
    • Enter banking information
    • Click on Submit Payment

    For policies/contracts that are not available for online payments, please mail your payment to the address shown on your payment coupon for the policy/contract.

    Mailing address 

    MONY Life Insurance Company
    P.O. Box 4720
    Syracuse, NY 13221-4720

    Express mail

    MONY Life Insurance Company
    120 Madison St.
    Syracuse, NY 13202

  • What if my bank statement lists a transaction made using my password that I did not make, or one where the amount is wrong?

    If you notice an error on your bank statement relating to the use of your password, telephone Customer Service at (877) 222-2144 immediately, and write us at the address provided by calling Customer Service. We must hear from you within 90 days after you received your FIRST bank statement reflecting the error. Click on the "Annual Error Resolution Notice" link on this Web site for detailed instructions explaining what you should do in case of an error or a suspected error.
  • If I enroll in the Online Payment Service will I continue to receive all regular correspondence relating to my Policy or Contract that I normally receive?

    Yes, although you will not receive a periodic statement listing the transactions you made using the Service, we will continue to send you any financial confirmation notices we sent to you before you enrolled.
  • If I consent to use the Service, does my consent apply to other online services offered through the Web site?

    No, your consent to this Agreement applies only to the Online Payment Service.
  • What is my liability for unauthorized use of my password?

    If you believe your password has been stolen, call Customer Service at (877) 222-2144 at once. If you tell us within 2 business days, you can lose no more than $50. If you do not tell us within 2 business days, and we can prove that we could have prevented further unauthorized use, you could lose as much as $500. If your bank statement shows transfers you did not make, tell us at once. If you do not tell us within 90 days after the statement was mailed to you, you may lose all the money you lost, if we can prove that we could have stopped the unauthorized use of your password.
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