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Is this still the AXA Equitable website?

The AXA Equitable brand name has changed and is now AXA. If you’ve visited the AXA Equitable website in the past– you are still in the right place now! Our brand name has changed to AXA, but our commitment to you never will. 

Why has the website address changed?

We have simplified our website name to to be consistent with our Brand name, AXA.

What is your website address?

Our website address is

How do I contact a financial professional?

Find your financial professional have one contact you by clicking on the persistent blue bar at the bottom of your screen “Find a financial professional.” This is accessible on every page of the website.

How can I contact AXA Customer Service?

At the top of any page of this website you will find a link to our customer service page where you can access general information for online help, managing account access, and for specific questions regarding AXA products. Or you can simply click here.

Where can I learn more about AXA’s products?

Visit our “View Products” page to learn more about AXA’s life insurance, retirement and investment products. Or, you can simply click here.

How do I reach AXA Group?

Our simplified website URL will direct you to AXA’s services in North America. If you are looking for information regarding AXA Group, you can find a clickable icon to their website by scrolling to the bottom of any page of this website. Or, you can simply click here

Where do I find forms?

Please click on the customer service tab in the top right. You can navigate to find forms related to your product. You can login to your account on the red login button to perform online transactions or account updates. For questions about how to log into your account, please call (877) 222-2144, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET.

Will the website work on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, our website is accessible on most smartphones and tablets. If you log in – certain features will be accessible for customers. Non-customers will be able to log in on the desktop.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Our online privacy policy is located at the bottom of every page and located here.

What if I have technical questions?

What web browser should I use for the AXA website?

The site looks best when viewed in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9 or above. It will also work, but it is not optimized for IE7 and IE8. Please note that your account information is not yet optimized for mobile compatible browsers.

How do I find answers to technical questions?

For answers to technical questions or for information about the AXA website in general, please call us toll-free at (877) 222-2144, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM ET

You may also email us or visit eService common questions.

“AXA” is the brand name of AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC and its family of companies, including AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company(NY,NY), MONY Life Insurance Company of America(AZ stock company, administrative office: NY,NY), AXA Advisors, LLC, and AXA Distributors, LLC.  “AXA Group” refers to AXA S.A. which is a French holding company for a group of international insurance and financial services companies, including AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC.  This brand name change does not change the legal name of any of the AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC companies.  The obligations of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and MONY Life Insurance Company of America are backed solely by their claims-paying ability.

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