AXA1 is committed to customer-centricity in conducting its business. To that end, we believe that transparency regarding our producer (brokers, advisors, and consultants) compensation practices is appropriate. AXA provides all group customers who purchase an AXA Employee Benefits product with a Producer Compensation Notice at the time of purchase which explains the types of producer compensation AXA pays. A copy of that notice can be obtained from Account Service: 866-274-9887, Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5.30pm (Eastern Time) or ebaccountservice@axa.us.com. In addition, AXA fully discloses all compensation we paid to producers to our ERISA plan group customers that may be required to file a Form 5500 or similar document, as well as to any other group customer upon request.

 AXA values its relationships with its producers and its customers, and beyond any obligation you may have under applicable law, we encourage you to discuss with your clients any compensation you receive from AXA and how it relates to their AXA Employee Benefits product(s).

For more information regarding AXA’s policy regarding notice of producer compensation, please contact the Account Service team at 866-274-9887, Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5.30pm (Eastern Time) or ebaccountservice@axa.us.com


AXA1 utilizes the services of brokers, advisors, and consultants (collectively, "Producers") in connection with the sale of our Employee Benefits products. We believe that the expertise of these Producers is valuable to our customers, and so AXA provides compensation to these Producers for their services. A Producer may receive one or more of the compensation types listed below in connection with the sale of AXA Employee Benefits products to you and/or your employees.2

Base Compensation – this compensation, which varies by product, is payable as a percentage of annual premium on a pre-defined flat commission scale or on a graded schedule under which the commission percentage decreases as the annual premium increases.

Supplemental Compensation – this compensation, which is payable only in connection with sales of certain AXA Employee Benefits products, is payable to all Producers other than advisors3 who meet certain pre-defined annual sales thresholds.This compensation is also payable as a percentage of annual premium on a pre-defined flat commission scale or on a graded schedule; however, unlike base compensation, under the supplemental compensation graded schedule, the commission percentage increases as the annual premium increases. The payment of supplemental compensation as to any particular sale does not affect the cost of the product purchased because the cost of supplemental compensation is considered part of the overhead expenses for all of AXA’s Employee Benefits products.

For more information about AXA’s Producer Compensation Program for its Employee Benefits products, please visit ebaccountservice@axa.us.com

1"AXA" is the brand name for AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC and its family of companies, including AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (AXA Equitable) and MONY Life Insurance Company of America (MLOA). AXA’s Employee Benefits products are issued by either AXA Equitable or MLOA. AXA Equitable and MLOA are each responsible for their respective obligations, which are backed solely by each company’s respective claims-paying abilities.

2Note that Producers or their affiliates may have other relationships with AXA unrelated to the sale of AXA Employee Benefits products as to which those Producers may receive separate compensation from AXA.

3Advisors may be eligible to receive


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