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  • 8 time-wasting benefits tasks that can be streamlined with the right technology

    If you’re managing an employee benefits program by distributing, collecting, and shuffling paper then inputting information into a computer by hand, it may be time to rethink what you expect from your benefits carrier. With the right employee benefits platform, you can save time and energy in benefits administration – and help your employees select benefits with confidence and ease.

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  • How to add more value as a benefits broker

    As an employee benefits broker, you can offer your clients a substantial amount of information about the marketplace. But, in today’s tech-savvy world, HR professionals may think they can simply research and compare plans online. That means, you need to bring additional value to your client relationships, beyond product expertise.

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  • The softer skills you need in an insurance provider

    When you’re a small business, it’s impossible to do everything yourself – especially when it comes to insurance. That’s why partnering with the right insurance provider is such an important step.

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