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A new

  • Built to work your way

    We built our cloud-based technology and products to give you the freedom to choose how you work with us.

  • An intuitive experience

    Powerful technology helps you stay ahead, with real-time data at your fingertips, in an intelligent platform.

  • An agile team

    We're constantly evolving based on your feedback to meet your business's unique needs, because what you need from a carrier today is different than what you'll need tomorrow.


Learn from the experts

What is the right technology for your small business?

Getting the right technology for your small business is critical, especially since it is often one of the best ways to overcome other challenges and accelerate growth.

You’re working too hard: Make technology your servant, not your master

The demands on your time are numerous--and growing. Employee benefits are supposed to be appreciated and motivational, but sometimes the associated administrative burdens make you wonder if it’s really all worthwhile. There’s hope. Listen to a fast-paced roundtable discussion featuring an employer, a benefits broker and an employee benefit executive reveal the technology tools that boost their productivity.

How has technology revolutionized HR?

Learn more about how technology is disrupting the nature of work, the changing role of benefits, and how flexible compensation models work. It also provides suggestions for what employers can do to satisfy new employee expectations and how technology advances can help you simplify your clients’ jobs.

GE- 2282907 (06/19) (Exp. 06/21)