MEDIA ALERT: AXA Partners With TreeCycler to Plant Up to 10,000 Trees This Year

Media Contacts:

John Cline
(212) 314-5142

April 22, 2014

New York, NY—AXA US has pledged to plant up to 10,000 trees this year as part of its eDelivery initiative to drive more signups for paperless document delivery.  The company has partnered with TreeCycler, a global leader in forest restoration, to offer their clients the opportunity to “plant a tree” when they enroll in online account access for their policies1. The eDelivery program, which is available nation-wide, is intended to reduce paper waste and provide convenience and safety benefits to AXA’s customers.  Participants will be able to organize their records digitally, enable protection against natural disaster or theft, and contribute to a more healthy and sustainable environment.

Additional information about the program is available at eDelivery on the website. An email to AXA US clients, in recognition of Earth Day, will tell them how to take advantage of the offer and help preserve the environment. 

1 – Clients must enroll all of their policies for eDelivery in order to qualify for the offer. Additional Eligibility requirements may also apply.   

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