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Artwork of Jacob Lawrence inspires AXA executives

At AXA US corporate offices, you will see artwork filling the offices, hallways and open areas, invigorating the spaces with culture, history and inspiration as employees go about their daily tasks. This artwork is a part of the AXA US Art Collection. All of these pieces tell their own stories and have special meaning to the employees who see them the most. Watch AXA executives Priscilla Brown and Kermitt Brooks share their thoughts on a few Jacob Lawrence pieces in AXA's collection. Then, hear AXA's art curator Jeremy Johnston explain the history behind the artwork.

AXA US Art Collection

Consisting of more than 2,000 art objects, the AXA US Art Collection is displayed both publicly and within its offices across the country. The Art Collection is part of AXA's global commitment to support the arts and culture in order to enrich the communities we serve. AXA US maintains its collection as an investment that enhances the architectural environment and the lives of its employees and clients.

Each piece of artwork was carefully acquired with the goals of supporting the arts, enhancing our architectural environment, and maintaining a physical reminder of AXA's core business principles. The Art Collection reflects the values that are embedded in our business practices – protection, stewardship and community enrichment. Through the Art Collection, AXA creates a dynamic and creative work environment that connects our employees and visitors to individual artists and the wider world of global culture.

AXA US has a long history of supporting the arts through its art acquisitions and the AXA Foundation, which supports a variety of cultural institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Asia Society, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art and The New York Botanical Garden.

Learn more about AXA's commitment to the arts.

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