AXA funds U.S. research on climate issues

Research on climate risk leads the topics that will receive funding in the U.S. this year from the AXA Research Fund (AXARF), an arm of AXA, the global financial protection company. AXA's scientific philanthropy initiative, established in 2007 to support the understanding and prevention of risk, earlier this month (April 2) announced that it will commit $16 million to 44 new projects in 2015.

The AXARF is financing some 19 projects in the U.S., including:

Extreme weather research by Prof. Adam Sobel, a Columbia University professor with the school’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Sobel is studying the relationship between extreme weather and the climates in which they occur. Ultimately, the research should lead to better ways to quantify society risks from extreme weather events.


Climate-related risks from city growth and urbanization by Prof. Deborah Balk, City University of New York. Balk’s research project aims to provide predictive evidence of how many urban dwellers will live in the path of climate-related risks and in which urban areas they will live. The data will be used for climate adaptation by countries and international agencies.


"The core of our business is to protect our clients and our communities from risk today and tomorrow," said Anders Malmstrom, AXA’s Chief Financial Officer and U.S. Executive Sponsor of the global initiative. "The efforts of the AXA Research Fund underscore our commitment to planning for the future, by taking the lead in forecasting and addressing global issues in innovative ways."  

Since its creation in 2007 to support risk-related fundamental research, the AXARF has deployed $142 million to 449 research projects in 32 countries. Each new research project is selected on the basis of its academic excellence, innovative approach and contribution to the advancement of knowledge about risk affecting human society.

Watch the videos to learn more about Professor Sobel's and Professor Balk's research.

For more information, please check out the press release or visit the AXARF website.

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