AXA helps teachers develop a lesson plan for retirement saving

AXA launches online 403(b) Learning Lab to educate teachers and provide resources for supplementing their savings

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October 14, 2015

NEW YORK – AXA US today launched its new 403(b) Learning Lab,, designed and developed uniquely for K-12 teachers, administrators and staff to guide them as they save for their retirement. AXA Equitable, a leading provider of 403(b) plans for K-12 schools in the United States1, collaborated with educators by conducting research and focus groups to create this go-to retirement resource, giving educators an experience they enjoy and want to use. Characterized by a colorful and app-like feel, the 403(b) Learning Lab employs a unique design and “snackable” informative content that is quickly and easily digested in small doses to accommodate educators’ busy lives.

“School employees have made it their mission to prepare future generations for a lifetime of learning by breaking down complicated topics into easily understood concepts,” said Kevin Molloy, head of AXA’s Employer Sponsored business. “When our research revealed that teachers want a similar learning approach when it comes to planning their own retirement, we used this feedback to create the 403(b) Learning Lab. Preparing educators for a dignified retirement is a responsibility that we take very seriously and the 403(b) Learning Lab will be an additional support to help our clients meet their retirement objectives.”

K-12 educators hold a unique position in the world of retirement planning because many of them are eligible for pensions, giving them a head-start on their retirement savings. While a pension is a great start to funding retirement, supplementing that with a 403(b) plan can help educators save additional money that they might need during retirement. Using clear, jargon-free language, the 403(b) Learning Lab details how a 403(b) plan enhances a pension. It also provides defined, actionable steps to break down barriers that inhibit educators from enrolling in a savings plan. Many educators know that saving for retirement is important, but admit they need additional education and awareness.

AXA has a nationwide force of approximately 1,000 dedicated AXA Advisors financial professionals who specialize in the unique retirement savings needs of educators. AXA tapped into this network to conduct research and interviews with teachers to customize the 403(b) Learning Lab for educators, using their feedback on all aspects of the experience including content, wording and design approach. The site diverges from traditional financial educational materials by employing colorful and cartoon-inspired design to visually engage and inform.

Lesson Plan Approach

The 403(b) Learning Lab’s “snackable” content approach is designed to be similar to the step-by-step organization of a K-12 lesson plan. This method accommodates busy educators who may not have large blocks of time to learn about retirement but want to tackle it one step at a time. From pensions, to social security, to 403(b)s, the site covers the basics so educators can learn how much they might need to save to meet their retirement goals and what steps they can take to get there.

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