AXA and SRS Acquiom sponsor industry conference

AXA and SRS Acquiom sponsor industry conference experts discuss global economic and political issues impacting M&A



How will the presidential election impact the economy? Will tech valuations continue to skyrocket? What does Brexit really mean for the world?

These are the questions AXA Equitable’s institutional savings business looked to answer when they teamed up with SRS Acquiom, a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) service company, to organize and sponsor an industry conference.

The conference, “Global Forces Impacting M&A: Industry Leaders Discuss Top Economic and Political Issues,” was held in New York City in September and featured a panel of esteemed experts, including financial expert Heidi Miller (Chair of HSBC North America Holdings Inc.), investment expert Seth Masters (Chief Investment Officer of Bernstein), and political insider Ron Klain (former Chief of Staff for Vice Presidents Biden and Gore). Amy Wollensack, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, moderated the panel.

Watch the video below to see some of the opening remarks that set the tone for the night.


Here are a few takeaways from the discussions that followed:


  • Politics are driven by macroeconomic factors.
  • The growth rates of most emerging markets are slowing down and aligning with those of developed markets.
  • Despite the persistent low interest rate environment, markets have been stable. However, we cannot expect this to continue.


  • It’s just as complex now, if not more, than when it was voted upon.
  • Due to the complexity and lack of precedent for an event like this, companies could make hasty decisions to the disadvantage of Britain.
  • In 10 years, this may be seen as the beginning of the unwinding of the European Union, which was created on the thought that economic integration would lead to political integration—Brexit shows how that has failed.
  • A resolution is far down the road.

Financial technology (FinTech) Disruption

  • Tech in the financial industry is highly regulated.
  • Governments rely on world banks for information. We may see more partnering between governments, companies, and banks. 
  • In Fintech, the important part is tech. Newer tech companies created something new that didn’t exist at that time and therefore there was no existing regulation. That’s different from Fintech, where there is already a lot of existing regulation on the financial side of things.

Cyber Security

  • Cyber security is a big growth industry.
  • There will be an increase in the size of cyber security teams at banks and more collaboration with governments that are looking into systemic cyber security risks.

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