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A dignified retirement for all

No matter who you are or what your situation, planning for a financially secure retirement depends on one crucial step: that you begin. AXA is proud to support National Retirement Planning Week (April 7-11), an effort to help you get started focusing on your financial needs in retirement. And because teachers impart knowledge that eventually transforms the world, during this week AXA is especially pleased to highlight resources to help America’s teachers plan for the dignified retirement they deserve.

  • Individuals

    Learning to save early and often is important - as is making a plan. Annuities and IRAs are some common ways that individuals can plan to meet their retirement goals.


    Explore retirement goals

  • Employees

    For many people, their employer-sponsored 401(k), 403(b) or 457(b) plan is a significant way to plan and save for the future using investment accounts specifically for retirement.


    Protect your investment

  • Employers

    Consider how to enable tax-deferred investment growth potential for your employees. Combined with other investment products, our plans can be an important part of an overall retirement strategy.

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  • Benefits of a 403(b) plan for teachers

    A 403(b) is like a 401(k) for educators. A 403(b) makes it easy to save more for a comfortable retirement.

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