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EQUI-PATH 403(b) Mutual Fund

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For Customers, Financial Professionals and Employees

New to AXA? Need to register?

For Employer Plan Administrators

Retirement Gateway, Retirement Strategies or Momentum
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EQUI-PATH 403(b) Mutual Fund

A dignified retirement for all

No matter who you are or what your situation, planning for a financially secure retirement depends on one crucial step: that you begin. AXA is proud to support National Retirement Planning Week (April 7-11), an effort to help you get started focusing on your financial needs in retirement. And because teachers impart knowledge that eventually transforms the world, during this week AXA is especially pleased to highlight resources to help America’s teachers plan for the dignified retirement they deserve.

  • Individuals

    Learning to save early and often is important - as is making a plan. Annuities and IRAs are some common ways that individuals can plan to meet their retirement goals.


    Explore retirement goals

  • Employees

    For many people, their employer-sponsored 401(k), 403(b) or 457(b) plan is a significant way to plan and save for the future using investment accounts specifically for retirement.


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  • Employers

    Consider how to enable tax-deferred investment growth potential for your employees. Combined with other investment products, our plans can be an important part of an overall retirement strategy.

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  • Benefits of a 403(b) plan for teachers

    I teach at a school that offers a 403(b) plan. Is this plan a good way to save for retirement?

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  • Maximizing your employer-sponsored retirement plan

    How to take advantage of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans.

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  • Step Ahead Guide

Retirement planning made manageable

Not sure where to start? Use our Step Ahead Guide to get you thinking. And doing.

Step 1: Identify your goals

Most people ask, “What should I be doing with my money?” And we would answer, “that all depends on what you want your money to do for you.” After all, knowing what your goals are is the first step toward achieving them. Long-term, short-term, big or small, think about what you’re looking forward to. Once you understand your personal and financial objectives, we can help you prioritize them and craft a strategy to reach them.

For many, saving for retirement is a primary goal. But chances are that’s not the only thing you’re looking ahead to. Sending a child to college? Buying a new home? Caring for parents? What else is on the list? How soon you see these events taking place, and what’s most important to you can help you prioritize and plan. Already on your way towards meeting your objectives? If so, now is as good a time as any to review them to ensure your priorities haven’t changed.

This Goals worksheet can help you get started planning or dreaming. 

Download the worksheet now

Step 2: Balance your risk and reward

Now that you’ve thought about your goals, let’s determine how much risk you are comfortable taking on. For many, volatility can be nerve-wracking.

Different investors have different tolerances for risk. Much of the difference stems from how much time you have to recoup any loss in value (time horizon). Then it’s really up to your willingness to accept uncertainties in your investment performance (risk aversion).This risk questionnaire can help break it all down for you in eight key questions, or an AXA Advisors financial professional can take it from here.

This Risk Tolerance questionnaire can guide how you should be balancing your portfolio. 

Download the questionnaire now

Step 3: Take your next step

Once you have a solid understanding of your goals and your risk tolerance, take some time to see where you stand with your earnings, expenses and savings. The resulting picture has the potential to influence how you spend, save, invest and plan. Armed with this information, we can help further break down your financial decisions into small, manageable steps.

Staying current is integral to determining your next step. Two ways you can stay one step ahead is to anticipate changes in your life and to regularly track monthly expenses, savings, asset value, and debt. When you add it all up, you may be surprised.

This Earnings, Expenses and Savings questionnaire will help you break it down. 

Download the questionnaire now

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    Share your retirement goals and find out what others have planned at hashtag #MyRetirementGoal, or enter #NRPW for other events across the country.



  • The Source@AXA blog

    Visit The Source blog in our newsroom, providing information and inspiration on an array of financial protection and retirement-preparedness topics.

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AXA retirement solutions
  • For individuals

    You understand that securing your retirement should be a key financial goal and you believe that saving early and often is important. So is taking advantage of products and accounts designed specifically for retirement. You're ready to take the next step.



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  • For employees

    You are ready to find out why 401(k), 403(b) or 457(b) plans are such powerful ways to plan and save for retirement. They allow people to put a portion of their annual income into investment accounts designed specifically for retirement. Does your employer offer EQUI-VEST® or Retirement Gateway® as part of their plan?


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  • For employers

    You value your employees and you're ready to consider how to enable Tax-free investment growth potential to protect them in the future, working with a leader in the industry. Get answers to your questions and find out how our products may meet your employee plan needs. 


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