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Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. But you can find resouces to build awareness all year long — from AXA.

Covering the Costs of Long-Term Care: 7702B vs. 101(g) – A Discussion of Riders on a Life Insurance Policy

If your clients need both life insurance protection and a relatively affordable way to pay for potential long-term care costs, they may want to consider purchasing a life insurance policy and one of the two types of riders available: a long-term care rider (IRS section 7702B) or a chronic illness rider (IRS section 101g).

Connecting the Dots: Aging at Home and LTC Protection

Nationally recognized gerontologist and expert on aging and retirement, Dr. Sandra Timmermann, provides us with a new way of presenting the value of long-term care protection products.

How Will Tax Reform Affect Your Clients?

With the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (H.R.1) in place for 2018, you’ll need to know how your individual, corporate, and small business clients will be affected. Learn this and more, including new estate and gift tax exemption amounts.

Closing the Life Insurance Gap: Your Role

U.S. life insurance ownership is at a 50-year low. Yet, half of all U.S. households (59 million) believe they need more life insurance. This is a huge gap, and here are a few simple ideas you can use to help close it – one household at a time.

Help Business Clients Avoid the EOLI Tax Trap

When employers own life insurance written on the lives of their employees, the failure to “dot every i” can have huge income tax costs. Here’s how to help.

How Will Clients Get the Long-Term Care They May Need?

If your clients can no longer care for themselves, they need someone to do it for them.  But who will provide that care?  Where will the care take place?  And how will your clients pay for it?  Explore the need for long-term care protection.

Who is Providing Coverage for Long-Term Care Expenses Now?

The landscape of coverage for long-term care expenses is changing.  As fewer insurance carriers offer stand-alone policies, who will provide the protection Americans so badly need when they can no longer care for themselves?

Protecting a Business against a Key Person’s Loss

Business owners should be prepared for the unexpected. For instance, if a key employee or owner dies, will the company survive? Here’s an approach to start the conversion.

Do Your Clients Need a Pre-Nup for Their Business?

Find out how a buy-sell agreement can save a closely held business if something happens to the owner.

Survivorship Life Insurance: Versatile Planning Strategy

Survivorship life insurance can do much more for clients than just pay estate taxes when the second spouse dies. Here are ideas for expanding your clients’ thinking and the need for planning using survivorship life insurance.

Match Buy-Sell Agreements to Business Owners’ Objectives

The type of buy-sell agreement that will work best for a given business-owner client depends on the client’s objectives. Here’s how to match objectives to different types of agreements.

How to Build Better Communication with Business Owners

Your communication with business owners will increase when you use concise, clear language to explain planning concepts.

Explore the Different Types of Life Insurance

Find out about the different types of life insurance and how they may help meet your clients’ needs. 

Review and Use These Key Life Insurance Terms

Do you use consistent language to describe key features and benefits of life insurance? The terms and definitions below will help you increase the value of your client communications.

Expand Your Long-Term Care Vocabulary

The lexicon of long-term care can be baffling to clients. Understanding these commonly used terms will make your communication on this topic simpler and clearer.

It's Not Too Early to Talk to Millennials about Long-Term Care

Young adults are aware of the rising cost of long-term care. Now is the time to start conversations with them about how to meet the challenge.

Overcoming Objections to Permanent Life Insurance

When clients hear “permanent life insurance,” they either don’t know what it is or don’t think it will meet their needs.  Use the right language and they’ll hear the benefits instead.

5 Reasons Single, Debt-Free Clients Need Life Insurance

Not every single, debt-free person needs life insurance.  But many do, for a wide variety of reasons. 

Social Security and Your Clients' Retirement Plans

Social Security payments can affect your clients’ plans for retirement.  But how much they receive will depend on factors both in and out of their control.

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