Your business is an extension of who you are and represents everything that you have worked for. You have nurtured your business into something that you are proud of and now you can choose how your legacy will live on. Whether it’s passing it along to your business partner, a most trusted employee or to the next generation in your family, the choice is yours and there are strategies to help you.  

Strategies you can use

Take a look below and see how you can start planning your transition from your business.

How can I get the full value out of my business when I’m ready to retire?

Are you nearing retirement and looking for ways to get the most value out of your business? Planning your retirement begins and ends with you. Luckily there are small, manageable steps you can take now to help ensure that you are able to reach your financial goals.

  • Receive a business valuation. It will provide you the true value of your business, as it has most likely changed over time.
  • Start to think about who you want to take over your business whether it is a business partner, a family member or a trusted employee.

While there are a variety of strategies available, a collaborative team is an essential component to helping you achieve your goals. This team may include a financial professional, CPA and attorney. We can help coordinate this team on your behalf.

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How can I ensure that my family is taken care of if something happens to me?

Your business has value that you have worked long and hard to build. Now it may be the largest asset in your estate. How can you help ensure that all of it will be available for retirement, or your heirs? Estate Planning strategies can help ensure that:

  • Your business will, one day, become a legacy for your heirs.
  • Your loved ones will be treated fairly and will benefit equally, even if some members are deliberately not given an ownership in the business.
  • Your business will provide income security to your family.

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My employees are the backbone of my business, how can I make sure that my transition out of my business has a positive impact on them?

We’ve learned that one of the most rewarding parts of owning a business is the positive impact and financial rewards it can have on others around you, especially your employees. Not only are you providing for your family but you also provide for your employees and their loved ones. Having strategies in place to make sure that the business can thrive, even without you, provides the security and reward they seek in making a long-term commitment to you and your business. 

Implementing strategies that first and foremost, facilitate the continuation and the vitality of your business is most important; followed by programs which facilitate the financial security and a more comfortable retirement such as qualified and non-qualified retirement programs as well as executive benefit arrangements for those special, key employees.

Put a plan in place that ensures your employees:

  • Have financial security for the future;
  • Continue to keep your legacy alive and strong, and;
  • Protection for their family and loved ones.

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