If you have multiple heirs or multiple partners in your small business, using an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) can be an effective way to pass along your business after your death.

An ILIT is a trust set up specifically to own life insurance policies on a wealthy individual or business owner. Because it is irrevocable, meaning it generally can’t be amended or revoked, it can provide benefits to business owners that wouldn’t otherwise be available:

  1. Avoid estate taxes – According to the IRS, $11.18 million of an estate ($22.36 million for married couples) is excluded form federal estate tax. ILITs can be used for those with large estates because the proceeds of the life insurance are held within the trust and therefore typically excluded from the value of the estate.
  2. Transfer wealth to a minor – If your heirs are minors (and not ready for the responsibility of your business or the money), an ILIT can help. That’s because the ILIT places restrictions on life insurance proceeds until the minor reaches a certain age.
  3. Protect your assets – An ILIT can be used to protect your business by shifting a portion of your assets into the trust, thus insulating those assets against claims from creditors or claims. This is especially important for high liability businesses.

Why AXA?

Expertise in a complex business area
With AXA, you have access to professionals who understand the needs of small business owners and can help you put a plan in place to ensure that your business passes to the successor of your choice.

Financial strength to fulfill our promises
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and MONY Life Insurance Company of America (MLOA), premiere providers of life insurance and annuity products, have been helping individuals reach their most important goals.

Wide range of product to fit your needs
AXA Equitable and MLOA have a range of permanent life insurance products and riders that can be utilized to tailor your ILIT or fulfill your business succession needs.

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